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26 Jul

5 Consejos para seleccionar palabras claves para campaña PPC

Las palabras claves son el centro neurológico de todas las campañas de búsquedas de pago, grandes y pequeñas. La selección de palabras claves impulsa a los consumidores a ver sus anuncios y comienza a establecer las expectativas en torno a los servicios que ofrece o los productos que usted vende.

21 Jul

How To Make A Facebook Fanpage

Living in this internet age, surrounded by thousands of social and professional networks, marketing your products and brand and communication with the potential buyers is not as difficult as it was some 5 years back. There are a number of ways to reach a huge audience for your product, and one of them is using Facebook fan page for promoting services or products no matter you own a large or small scale business.

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